Drive systems for the aerospace industry

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Uncompromising quality, innovative technology, and thousands of flight hours. Our aim is to be the most reliable partner in the skies. Electric drive systems from maxon for the aerospace industry assist pilots in the cockpit and power drones, satellites, and rovers on Mars.


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    maxon established a dedicated business unit for the aerospace industry.

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    Mars rovers powered by maxon drive technology have been exploring on the Red Planet.

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    possible configurations specifically for the aerospace industry.

Drive systems for the aerospace industry.

For more than twenty years, maxon’s technology has been driving the Mars rovers on the Red Planet. Today, hundreds of drive systems can be found in modern long-haul aircraft. Back here on the ground, maxon and its customers develop drive solutions consisting of individual components or sophisticated technical systems for passenger aircraft, helicopters, spacecrafts and unmanned aerial vehicles. maxon guarantees the unrivaled quality of its efficient, reliable and powerful drive systems for the aerospace industry. maxon has been EN 9100 certified (equivalent to AS 9100) since 2012. This standard was created especially for companies that develop and produce components for the aerospace industry. In our in-house laboratories, we test our drives for resistance to vibration, shock, cold, heat and vacuum.

The name maxon is synonymous with customized precision and stands for an extensive support network that guarantees the highest Swiss standards all over the world. Our dedicated aerospace team assists customers with simple applications as well as complex, multi-year development projects.

The maxon aerospace team have used the knowledge they have gained from numerous special projects, such as the drives for the Mars missions, to other aerospace projects and have further developed this expertise for serial production. Our state-of-the-art technology and extensive laboratory tests make this possible. We never stand still. We are forever expanding the possibilities of aerospace technology, whether for passenger spacecrafts, helicopters or spacecrafts.


For long-term partnerships.

As a globally active Swiss family-owned business, maxon is a reliable partner for long-term collaboration. We have a global presence and highly specialized production sites. Combined with local engineering support, we can react quickly and flexibly to any challenge in the aerospace industry and have been a reliable supplier of products for decades.

Our product recommendations.

maxon aerospace products are tested according to DO-160G environmental conditions such as temperature variations, humidity, shock, and vibration, and are therefore suitable for even the most demanding applications. The standardized basic product range means that development cycles can be accelerated to get fully developed products to customers in the aerospace industry more quickly. Get in contact with your local maxon experts for more information. 

DCX Aero


  • Powerful, compact brushed motor
  • Available in different sizes: Diameters 10–35 mm
  • Used on Mars 

EC-4pole Aero


  • Highest ratio of power to weight and size
  • High-temperature winding
  • Proven in extreme environmental conditions

EC-i Aero


  • Dynamic, high-torque motor
  • With iron core windings
  • Compact size and weight

GPX Aero


  • Latest planetary gearhead technology
  • Maximum efficiency  
  • Good back-drivability 

Encoders for the aerospace industry


  • ENX rotary encoder series   
  • XT = extreme temperatures   
  • Protected against moisture 


Customized drive systems.

For requirements that can’t be covered by standard components, we also develop completely new drive systems for niche solutions and large-scale production. These can be individual components such as electric motors, gearheads, sensors, or controllers, or combinations thereof in the form of complete actuators. Our project teams assist customers during the specification phase, support them during qualification, and produce reliable Swiss quality for the most demanding applications. The use of basic components makes it possible to deliver customized drives at attractive conditions and timescales. 

Application-specific drive solutions.

Each aerospace market segment has its own requirements and challenges. maxon addresses these with products and solutions that focus specifically on these niche markets, such as the drones. For the most demanding projects, maximum system integration, and delivery scopes that extend beyond component level, we support our customers in the aerospace industry through individual development projects. These projects lead to customized designs that precisely meet the desired requirements. The products are perfectly matched to each other and ensure optimum efficiency and reliability for the highest levels of safety and profitability during operation. 


Every project needs new ideas.

Our comprehensive drive catalog offers a solid platform for every project. The online configurator allows solutions to be modified quickly and easily, for example in relation to size, gear stages, motor bearings, shafts, or encoders.  

maxon aerospace products meet the high demands of the aerospace industry, which means that suitable products can be developed efficiently, cost-effectively and made available quickly.


maxon has EN 9100 certification.

In the aerospace industry, safety, consistent quality, and absolute reliability are paramount. maxon contributes to making the crewed and uncrewed aerospace industry more reliable, efficient, and convenient. We support our customers in their demanding development and certification processes. 

As a leading supplier maxon:

has been EN9100 certified (equivalent to AS9100) since 2012.

is very well versed in the RTCA DO-160/178/254 and MIL-810 industry standards.

can run environmental tests such as vibration, shock, low and high temperatur and vacuum in our in-house laboratory.

complies with regulatory requirements such as international export control regimes.

take into account new aviation regulations (e.g., FAA/EASA), which facilitates approval processes and risk assessment (e.g. SORA).

undergoes annual audits as well as a continuous evaluation and improvement process.

Drive systems for the aerospace industry

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Project management

Our goal-oriented and highly dedicated project management team.

Our aerospace team enjoys challenging projects and close collaboration with customers. We help our customers define the project scope, taking into account technology, costs, and time. Development projects are looked after by our aerospace project managers, who support customers from the specification phase to the start of production. 

We guarantee maximum flexibility and a proactive flow of information.


RFI/RFP: In this phase, the maxon sales and project management team works with the customer to understand and refine their requirements. This enables us to offer exactly the product that best suits the customer’s needs.

Gabriel Ybarra

Project Manager/Chief Engineer

SENER group

“The maxon team understands our needs and implements design changes very quickly. It feels great to be involved in the entire process – from development to production and testing.”

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Frequently asked questions

  • What standards do the catalog products meet?

    maxon catalog products are developed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001. With maxon’s solid foothold in various industries, industry-specific quality systems can also be applied if necessary. For full EN 9100 compliance, a customer-specific development project is required for verification of requirements or risk analysis. At product level, however, the differences between the standards are minimal due to the already high quality level.

  • How does the quality assurance system work?

    This is a multi-level system that extends from incoming goods inspection for individual parts to 100% electrical final inspection in production. It also includes configuration and change management as well as transparent traceability and thorough documentation for every single production lot.

  • How does configuration and change management work?

    Depending on the customer-specific requirements, there are different levels of configuration and change management. Changes affecting either the form, fit, or function of a product are carefully analyzed. Depending on the agreement and level applied, notification or approval is required prior to the change. We offer obsolescence management with early communication to customers for this purpose.

  • Are statutory regulations such as FAR, DFAR, and cybersecurity requirements met?

    maxon is committed to complying with all applicable regulations and export laws. Nonetheless, these are sensitive issues that require special attention. It is our goal to help our customers understand how our approach to compliance impacts projects and products that we are able to support. Cybersecurity is a top priority. maxon has evaluated its cybersecurity situation according to NIST800-171 and recorded its self-assessment (type “basic”) as part of the US government’s Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS).

  • Which export control policy is followed (Dual Use, ITAR)?

    maxon can service virtually any project with commercial off-the-shelf products, without the need for a license. However, export laws are complex, especially for us as a global corporation with multiple production sites. The regulations are closely monitored and your contact will assist you if you have any questions.

    maxon successfully offers its customized industrial drive solutions in aerospace applications controlled under the EAR 99 to EAR 600 series. Collaborations falling under the EAR 600 series may require additional licensing activities on the part of maxon and its customers, but maxon is able to participate in these projects.

    At this time, however, maxon cannot participate in projects where the item or component that maxon develops or delivers is itself subject to ITAR. Please contact your maxon sales representative for more information.  


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