Drive systems for aviation

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Drives from maxon ensure reliable safety and greater comfort in the air. Our Aviation Business unit develops specific drive solutions comprising individual components or complex technical systems for civil aviation.


In aviation there’s no room for compromise.

From drive actuators systems for on-board systems and cabin equipment to autopilot,  fly-by-wire systems and force feedback sidesticks, maxon develops the necessary drives. 
Used as valves, pumps, flap controls, antenna drives or in landing gear, maxon drives meet the complex requirements in terms of efficiency, low weight and maximum precision.

Team of aeronautic specialists

Certified in accordance with EN 9100

Catalog includes DO-160-tested motors, gearheads, and sensors

Experience with DO-178/254 avionics software development

Rapid prototyping and fast development cycles

Highest quality standards, including configuration and obsolescence management

Important role in aircraft control systems.

Today, hundreds of drive systems are installed in modern medium- and long-haul aircraft. Due to stricter quality standards, the need for maximum energy efficiency and low-maintenance components, electric actuators are increasingly replacing hydraulic or pneumatic systems in aviation. Electric actuators can be found in countless on-board systems, such as air-conditioning systems, where they ensure pleasant temperatures and fresh air. Many small valves and actuators, primarily brushless flat motors, are used to control oxygen and pressure levels. maxon drive systems also play an important role in aircraft control systems, such as the autopilot systems for controlling flight altitude and the autothrottle system.

Faster development with standard components. 

Our many years of experience in aviation have enabled us to standardize proven products and make them available to our customers more quickly. Typical modifications for the aviation segment, such as specific lubrication, greater robustness, or specific cable types, are already included in our drive systems. All components are tested according to DO-160G with regard to temperature range, vibration and shock as well as humidity, and meet the environmental standards of the aerospace industry. These preconfigured units allow us to simplify development cycles and accelerate time-to-market for our customers.   

Our product recommendations.

maxon aerospace products are tested according to DO-160G environmental conditions such as temperature variations, humidity, shock, and vibration, and are therefore suitable for even the most demanding applications. The standardized basic product range means that development cycles can be accelerated to get fully developed products to customers in the aerospace industry more quickly. Get in contact with your local maxon experts for more information. 

DCX Aero


  • Powerful, compact brushed motor
  • Available in different sizes: Diameters 10–35 mm
  • Used on Mars 

EC-4pole Aero


  • Highest ratio of power to weight and size
  • High-temperature winding
  • Proven in extreme environmental conditions

EC-i Aero


  • Dynamic, high-torque motor
  • With iron core windings
  • Compact size and weight

GPX Aero


  • Latest planetary gearhead technology
  • Maximum efficiency  
  • Good back-drivability 

Encoders for the aerospace industry


  • ENX rotary encoder series   
  • XT = extreme temperatures   
  • Protected against moisture 

Drive systems for the aerospace industry

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Customized drive systems.

Developed and built to specification. Milestone driven customer development projects, tailored to each individual application. Actuators, combining the best of maxon components motors, gearboxes, encoders and being completed with integrated control electronics, housing, cables, and connector. Ready to fulfill its task and plug in ready. Development of Aerospace specific electronics and controller designs. Custom specific and if need be according to relevant standards such as DO-178/254.

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We assist customers in the aviation industry with simple applications as well as complex, multi-year development projects.
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Globally the number of wind turbines producing sustainable energy keeps growing. But there is also another, newer method to make use of wind energy. A Dutch team is currently changing an entire industry.
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Taking to the high skies with maxon motors.

At an altitude of 11 kilometers above the surface of the earth, the air is very thin. Modern pressure cabins and an environmental control system (ECS) ensure a pleasant atmosphere in commercial aircraft. In the new Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner, a special air-conditioning system further improves the comfort of the passengers on long flights. Brushless maxon DC motors, spur gearheads and resolver combinations ensure a good climate at great heights.
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Air cushion systems for comfortable flights.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the difference between industry catalog, aerospace catalog, and customized product?

    All three cover maxon’s core technology, but the area of application is different. While the industry catalog solution was developed according to ISO 9001 and the widest possible field of application, the solutions from the aerospace catalog are based on years of experience and product modifications. This makes them significantly more robust and able to withstand the high demands of aviation. Customized solutions are developed in customer-specific projects. The aerospace standard EN 9100 can also be applied here.  

  • How does the quality assurance system work?

    This is a multi-level system that extends from incoming goods inspection for individual parts to 100% electrical final inspection in production. It also includes configuration and change management as well as transparent traceability and thorough documentation for every single production lot.

  • How does configuration and change management work?

    Depending on the customer-specific requirements, there are different levels of configuration and change management. Changes affecting either the form, fit, or function of a product are carefully analyzed. Depending on the agreement and level applied, notification or approval is required prior to the change. We offer obsolescence management with early communication to customers for this purpose.

  • Can maxon supply information on reliability, MTBF, and MTTF?

    Yes. maxon has internal capacities for the creation of reliability and serviceability data, which are constantly being expanded. In certain cases we use our partner network to create and deliver this data

  • How can customers access additional services such as ATP, ATR, FAIR, Certificate of Conformance, compliance matrices, FMEAs, and safety assessments?

    Along with hardware, maxon also offers additional services. At the customer’s request, additional tests and inspections with acceptance test procedures (ATP), their reports, Certificate of Conformance, or, initially with first series deliveries, First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR), can be integrated in accordance with AS9102 (or VDA 2.5). For development projects, the agreed scope is documented and approved according to the compliance matrix, with risk, safety, or reliability analyses as part of the process.


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