Power and Speed with Precision.

We develop and manufacture high-precision spur and planetary gearheads as well as screw drives that perfectly match maxon electric motors with respect to speed, torque, or inertia.

From Plug-and-Play to Customer-specific Solutions.

If performance is required at high torque levels and correspondingly low speeds, maxon precision gearheads come into their own. All maxon gearheads are mounted onto the selected motors on site at the factory. The motor pinion is the input gear of the first gear stage and is rigidly connected to the motor shaft.

In addition, we offer customized modifications for specialized power requirements as well as customer-specific requirements. 

maxon Gearheads: Key information at a glance.

In most cases, the selection of the gearhead type is based on the maximum transmissible power. We have structured our series in accordance with key parameters to help you find the appropriate gearhead faster.

Product comparison table - Gears
Gearhead typePlanetary gearheadsPlanetary gearheadsSpur gearheadsSpindle drives
Plastic versionNo✓ (K)✓ (K)No
Ceramic version✓ (C)✓ (C)NoNo
Reinforced version✓ (HP, UP)✓ (HP)✓ (V)No
Heavy-duty versionNo✓ (HD)NoNo
Version with reduced backlash✓ (LZ)✓ (BZ)✓ (VZ)No
Sterilizable version with high input speed✓ (SPEED)NoNoNo
Size Ø4 ... 70 mm Ø6 ... 81 mm Ø12 ... 45 mm Ø6 ... 21 mm

Our product portfolio.

Planetary gearheads

High power in a compact design

GPX gearheads

Configurable planetary gearheads

Spur gearheads

Perfect for low torques

Screw drives

For powerful and precise linear motion

Gearheads from Parvalux

Parvalux gearheads.

Since 2018, Parvalux Electric Motors Ltd has been part of the maxon Group. Parvalux gearheads are rugged, reliable, and designed for a wide range of applications. The product portfolio includes inline and angular outputs with options for worm, spur, and planetary gearheads.

Easy to configure. Large selection.

Quick availability, support during purchasing, and customized configuration for your application upon request. And there are many more reasons to use our online shop:  

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