Good is not good enough for us.

Our goal is to produce and distribute the best quality, and constantly improve it. We aspire to achieve the highest standards through technical excellence and exceptional service. 



1200 qm of cleanliness.

When implantable systems are used in the human body, no mistakes are allowed. For this reason, these drives are assembled in the GMP area: In this clean room class, the particle concentration and microbiological contamination of surfaces and air are measured and examined for traces of spores, bacteria, or fungi.

Fast, flexible development

Quality needs to evolve. Thanks to in-house manufacturing, we have an efficient process for rapid testing of prototypes. Through rapid prototyping, problems can be immediately discussed with the development teams and improvements can be implemented early in the process.

In-house manufacturing

We produce all important components of our drive systems on machines and manufacturing lines that were developed in-house. This ensures consistently high quality standards and product conformity in series production.

International production

Our network of eight locations in Europe, the USA, and Asia guarantees uniform production standards, ensuring the best quality, reliable supply chains, and optimal product availability. 

Less maintenance required

Utterly reliable and maintenance-free components from maxon help reduce effort and costs for customers. In industrial automation, this minimizes downtime, for example. Beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, reliable quality is even more crucial. In space, where maintenance work is often impossible, uninterrupted and continuous operation is crucial for the success of an entire mission. 

Operational excellence

All structures, processes, and behaviors are geared towards continuously enhancing the organization, with a focus on efficiently fulfilling customer requirements. This not only applies to products and assembly processes but also to project management, logistics, and support functions.

As tough as they come

Drives in the maxon test laboratory.

We test all products for high vibrations, extreme temperatures, pressure loads, intense g-forces, and impact stresses. Our laboratory is equipped with high-vacuum chambers, climate-temperature systems, and oil baths reaching temperatures up to 200°C. In addition, we have a long-term testing area, where motors can be run continuously for up to 20,000 hours.   

For more information on our test laboratories, refer to the brochure. 


“Quality is the engine for reduced risks, lower costs, and above all, a better customer experience.”

Quality is tradition

Our certifications.

Quality is tradition at maxon: Since 1988, we have been ISO 9001 certified in Switzerland and operate a comprehensive quality management system. Regular audits of our products, structures, and processes from an external viewpoint guarantee adherence to international standards and reinforce our commitment to quality.

Our certifications streamline our customers' own approval procedures and risk evaluations. 

Comparison table - Quality certificates
SN EN ISO 9001Quality Management SystemSN EN ISO 14001Environmental Management SystemEN 9100Aerospace IndustrySN EN ISO 13485Medical ProductsITAF 16949Automotive IndustryISO/IEC 27001 : 2022Information Security (Group IT)

For maxon quality

SN EN ISO 9001


For the environment

SN EN ISO 14001


For aerospace

EN 9100


For medical products

SN EN ISO 13485


For automotive

ITAF 16949


For information security

ISO/IEC 27001: 2022


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