Drive systems for robotics

Machine. Helper. Rescuer. Friend.

Robots assemble devices, explore space, and perform surgeries on people. For motions and behaviors that come close to human capabilities they need powerful and highly precise drives.


maxon develops and manufactures custom-made components for autonomous mobile and industrial robots, such as humanoids, quadrupeds, agricultural robots, collaborative robots, and service robots.

Electric drives for robots

Robotic drives from 0.0002 Nm to 480 Nm.

Mobility is speeding up in the field of robotics too. Robots need to combine high precision and safe motion sequences with high speed. Our drive trains for application-optimized robots are modules with high power density, designed for OEM integration.

Excellent control characteristics

High efficiency and torque density

Positioning controllers can be designed directly into the robot joint

Connectivity through support for a variety of Ethernet standards, such as EtherCAT, etc.

Highly dynamic response with low system losses

Easy to combine

We create the right drive system for any robot.

We offer comprehensive system simulation and optimization services to make sure you receive the right solution for your problem. This covers topics such as simulation models for entire drive systems, kinematics simulations, holistic systems engineering and optimization, as well as consulting for functional safety or risk assessments.  

Our portfolio of integrated robotic drive systems is divided into two categories: High Efficiency Joints (HEJ) and High Precision Joints (HPJ), allowing them to address unique needs of different robotics segments. 


Electric drives for robots

High efficiency robotic joints

  • High output powers, well coolable
  • Dynamic motions and high peak torques
  • Efficiencies up to 86%
  • IP67 ingress protected
  • Integrated electronics and joint output bearing
  • Mobile Autonomous Robots (Humanoids, Quadrupeds, Mobile Manipulation)

Electric drives for robots

High precision robotic joints

  • Broad portfolio of sizes and features
  • Features such as brakes, torque sensors, integrated electronics available
  • Customizable for flexible integration
  • High torque densities
  • Precision joint encoders, no backlash
  • Industrial Automation, Medical Robots (Pick-and-place, manipulation, robotic arms)

Products & services

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Our expertise lies in delivering torque-dense, integrated and compact actuation solutions, meticulously optimized for the robotics market.

Our product recommendations.

Robot applications involving lots of axes require absolute repetition accuracy, and outstanding efficiency with maximum dynamic response and lifetime. maxon has a variety of drive solutions that meet these requirements. We can also provide design and simulation support, including for highly complex robot systems.


High Efficiency Joint Module


  • 140 Nm peak @ 2kg
  • Up to 13 rad/s
  • Up to 86% Efficiency
  • Integrated Electronics and Output Bearing
  • IP67
  • EtherCAT 

High Precision Joint Module


  • 12 Nm – 484 Nm
  • 0.9 rad/s – 17.8 rad/s
  • Integrated encoders and output bearing
  • Highly customizable 



  • for motors DT 38 … 90
  • 2560 cpt 
  • RS 422 line driver

Robot Joint 45


  • 14 Nm peak @1.3 kg 
  • “zero” backlash, hollow shaft
  • Optional brake, EtherCAT controller and torque sensor

Robot Joint 60


  • 65 Nm peak @1.8 kg
  • “zero” backlash, hollow shaft
  • Optional brake, EtherCAT controller and torque sensor

Robot Joint 90


  • 262 Nm peak @3.4 kg
  • “zero” backlash, hollow shaft
  • Optional brake, EtherCAT controller and torque sensor

EC Frameless DT


  • ∅42 ... 90 mm, up to 47 mm hollow shaft
  • up to 15'000 rpm
  • up to 9800 mNm

EC frameless DT

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Learn about our High-Performance motor platform for robotics. Read about our unique system features, core applications, and system integration considerations.

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Success stories

The field of application of robotics is becoming ever more diverse and complex. For maxon drives, this means meeting the highest standards for precision, speed, and safety.
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Autonomous robot

It works in places that are too dangerous for people. maxon developed a customized drive system for the latest generation of the ANYmal robot from Zürich start-up ANYbotics. Its centerpiece is the new EC flat DT motor in combination with a series elastic actuator (SEA) that reaches its top speed in four milliseconds.

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Project management

From the idea to reality.

Drawing on our 60 years of experience, we apply our project management expertise to meet the unique demands of complex industrial applications. 

The experienced engineers and technicians in maxon’s development teams support customers from the specification phase to the start of production and beyond. We guarantee constant transparency, flexibility, and a proactive flow of information. 

Pilot series
Series production

The maxon team works with customers to develop a comprehensive solution pathway. From research and as many alternative technical implementations as possible, the most efficient and economical variant is weighed up in a short time. 


What challenges are you facing?

Our robotic solutions experts are happy to help you.