Towards a sustainable future.

We develop sustainable solutions and highly efficient drives for customers. By doing so, we advance innovative technologies that help to master the challenges of our time. However, we also take seriously our responsibility as part of society: maxon is careful in how it uses resources and also actively optimizes its processes and modernizes its buildings. Our principle focus, however, is on people. The safety and well-being of our employees is our top priority. 

Our motivation: people and the environment.

As a long-established, family-owned Swiss company, sustainable approaches to production and business have always been part of our DNA. We take the long view, and want to protect our resources. That’s why we regularly modernize our buildings to make them as energy-efficient and accessible as possible. We also recycle materials. And we get involved in forward-thinking projects for the environment. On this page, you can read the most important details about our activities in this sphere. 

  • 817


    Solar energy produced on our sites.

  • CO2e



    Greenhouse gas emissions, Scopes 1 and 2 (location-based).

  • 31.2


    Recycling rate.

Eugen Elmiger


maxon Group

We drive research and development, to help tackle the challenges of our time. Our products and our buildings are energy-efficient. And in all our regions, we have close ties to the local people.

For our employees

A working environment characterized by trust and respect.

The success of maxon would not be possible without our employees. They make our company what it is, keep our customers happy, and develop the technologies that take us all further. A strong sense of responsibility toward our employees is ingrained in our family-run company. We think in terms of generations and are happy to have so many employees of long standing, some of whom have children who now also work with us.

For our environment

Our responsibility to future generations.

Climate change, the loss of biodiversity, and the overuse of the resources of our planet threaten the very basis of our existence. In its business activities, maxon seeks to take responsibility for the environment and society, to make a life worth living possible for future generations. This commitment is expressed in our Code of Conduct, which applies to the entire Group. We consider the environmental impacts of both our business activity and our products. It is our goal to reduce negative impact on the environment and climate, and in particular to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our responsibility

A moral compass for ethical conduct and reliable products.

The way we conduct our activities and make decisions is founded on our moral principles and values: high standards of quality and performance, and treating people with respect, both inside the company and outside it. This not only protects maxon’s reputation but is also a prerequisite for strong partnerships. So we can achieve progress – for society, for people, and for the environment.

  • Total



    Energy consumption.

  • Investing



    in R&D and prototype production as a proportion of revenue.

  • More than



    Women in the workforce.

Success Stories

Forward-thinking projects.

maxon’s efficient drives and expertise advance innovations all over the world. In this way, they also play a major role in creating a better future for people and the environment. Here you can read a selection of three stories about the progress that has been made.

  • maxon Story

    Walking in the name of science

    Despite his paraplegia, Werner Witschi often walks for miles. What drives this Swiss 64-year-old is the aim of making exoskeletons more practical for daily use by disabled people. That’s why Werner Witschi is once again going to be a pilot at ETH Zürich’s CYBATHLON 2024. With world-first technology, if all goes as planned.
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  • paravalux1maxon inside

    Our objective from the beginning: net zero

    Combining the three production facilities and offices at a single location and bringing together all the employees into one big Parvalux family – this was the impetus for the new headquarters of Parvalux, a company acquired by the maxon Group in 2018. However, the new building ended up being so much more: namely a statement on sustainability. Doug Sheppard, Managing Director of Parvalux, on energy-efficient materials, renewable energies, and the value of having one’s own garden.
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  • maxon Story

    An adventure with an ambitious goal

    From greedy caterpillar to undemanding butterfly:  With his Solar Butterfly project, Louis Palmer uses this striking metaphor of sustainability to call attention to climate change. The solar-powered tiny house has been traveling for about a year, with alternating crews, visiting future‑oriented projects. What are its initial findings, and where is the butterfly’s journey taking it?
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  • 8.3


    Employees’ average years of service.

  • More than



    Full-time employees.

  • 12.3


    Voluntary employee turnover rate.

Norbert Bitzi


Member of the Management Board

«Sustainability is not just about the environment, it is also about people.»

Sustainability Report

The GRI Standard.

The Sustainability Report was produced in accordance with the current GRI Standards, meaning that maxon is applying an internationally recognized and widely used reporting practice. The GRI Index is based on maxon’s current materiality matrix, which the company drew up in 2022 with the involvement of external and internal stakeholders. Relevant information is presented transparently in the Sustainability Report and is supplemented with further details in the index (see also the printed report, page 52).

Sustainability Report

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