Drive systems for urban air mobility

Future of commute with maxon on board.

In dense, high populated urban areas, so called air taxis will soon play an important role. Combining automotive and aerospace technologies, they’ll lead the way in how people commute in the future. With its vast experiences in both industries, maxon is the ideal partner to discuss motion control projects with. Maxon actuators used today in larger aircraft will fit well into air taxis as fulfil the stringent Aerospace requirements. 

Let our expertise take you to the next flight level.

Knowing the Aerospace industry by heart and through many years of experiences, maxon is well prepared for this new market to kick in. Innovation is also at the heart of the maxon company which provides the perfect fit of flexibility and maturity to accompany the UAM emerging companies. Using the various existing solutions present in traditional aircraft or developing new kinds of actuators specifically for this market you’ll find the ideal solution for your UAM project. 

Agile and dedicated aerospace specialists and project managers

Project support from the specification phase to rapid prototyping to full series production and beyond

Certified in accordance with EN 9100

Catalog includes DO-160-tested motors, gearheads and sensors

Experience with DO-178/254 avionics software and hardware development

Highest quality standards, including configuration and obsolescence management

Sustainable solutions for the cities of tomorrow.

It is estimated that by 2030, around 60% of the population will be living in cities. In today’s world, urban living is also synonymous with mobility. To find a way out of the impending gridlock, we need to look upward. The shift of some of our transport traffic from the road to the air through urban air mobility is one of the most exciting future fields in the aerospace industry. With decades of experience in the development and certification of flight-safe drive systems, maxon is partner to up-and-coming UAM companies. Our drives help our customers shorten transport times, lower operating costs, and reduce COemissions in urban areas. 


Faster development with catalog components.

By standardizing proven aerospace products, we make efficient drive solutions available to our UAM customers more quickly. Typical modifications for the aviation segment, such as specific lubrication, greater robustness, or specific cable types, are already included in our drive systems. All components are tested according to DO-160G with regard to temperature range, vibration, and shock as well as humidity, and meet the environmental standards of the aerospace industry. 


Making the vision a reality.

Making the UAM vision a reality requires seamless integration of different technologies. As an expert in electric drive systems, maxon scales state-of-the-art technology for urban air mobility and uses synergies with traditional aerospace for this new market segment. Our customers benefit from our expertise in the development and production of actuators, with or without sensors and electronics, drive systems for valves, fly-by-wire control components, and on-board communication.

Our product recommendations.

maxon aerospace products are tested according to DO-160G environmental conditions such as temperature variations, humidity, shock, and vibration, and are therefore suitable for even the most demanding applications. The standardized basic product range means that development cycles can be accelerated to get fully developed products to customers in the aerospace industry more quickly.

DCX Aero


  • Powerful, compact brushed motor
  • Available in different sizes: Diameters 10–35 mm
  • Used on Mars 

EC-4pole Aero


  • Highest ratio of power to weight and size
  • High-temperature winding
  • Proven in extreme environmental conditions

EC-i Aero


  • Dynamic, high-torque motor
  • With iron core windings
  • Compact size and weight

GPX Aero


  • Latest planetary gearhead technology
  • Maximum efficiency  
  • Good back-drivability 

Encoders for the aerospace industry


  • ENX rotary encoder series   
  • XT = extreme temperatures   
  • Protected against moisture 


We bring hardware and software development together. For excellent system integration, our UAM actuators feature purpose-built cable harnesses and plugs, as well as an actuator housing for direct integration into aircraft based on customer interfaces.

Drive systems for the aerospace industry

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Transport of the future.

An important part of a maxon Sales Engineers role is to predict the future. We need to think ahead to what applications the world will need in five or ten years. We see exiting times around the corner. Firstly, the commercial drone market is picking up pace and the recently developed maxon drone propulsion system is already in inflight trials.Secondly, coming up fast is the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What are actuators and what solutions does maxon offer?

    An actuator combines a wide variety of drive technologies in order to be able to move a system. With additional electronics such as position sensors and control electronics, high-precision and/or very dynamic movements are possible. Communication interfaces enable the actuator to provide real-time data to the master system. Our product portfolio contains all the necessary components and technologies to develop and produce customized actuators.

  • Are industrial maxon products suitable for UAM applications?

    Yes. maxon has many years of extensive experience in adapting high-quality, industrially manufactured motors for the aerospace market with minimal impact on the original product.

  • Does maxon support its customers in the development of specific actuators?

    Yes. The maxon Aerospace business unit has a dedicated team of experts including project managers, systems engineers, electronic and software engineers, and quality engineers to assist in the development of a customized actuator to fully meet all cusotmer requirements.


Any questions?

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