Drive systems for active implants

Inside the body.

With active implants, the focus is on the health and long-term quality of life of the patient. Our drives are therefore developed with patient safety, reliability over the entire life cycle, biocompatibility, and biostability in mind as well as compatibility with other medical devices.


Setting new standards for miniaturization and reliability.

Active implants are among the most technically complex medical devices and therefore place exceptionally high demands on applied research, development, design, production, testing, and approval. maxon medical drives are developed by specialists in various product areas.

ISO 13485 certification

Experience in biocompatible design

Clean room environment for assembly according to GMP guidelines

Highest quality standards for risk class III applications

Close collaboration during the development phase and over the complete product life cycle


maxon has SN EN ISO 13485 certification.

Our drive solutions for active implants are always implemented based on customer specifications in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13485. Production sites selected for this market segment also have SN EN ISO 13485 certification.

Manufacture of medical devices minimizes potential risks to patients

Traceability of processes and raw materials is guaranteed

Motors and drives can be certified in accordance with UL or CSA standards


Our drive solutions for active implants.

Heart assist

Continuous mechanical circulatory support is a demanding application that requires absolutely reliable operation. To manage this complexity, maxon develops implantable heart assist devices as customized complete systems. Even with diameters of less than 6 millimeters, our drives deliver optimum performance. The components made of biocompatible materials are manufactured in a clean room environment and meet the highest supplier management, documentation, and approval standards.

    Drug delivery

    When it comes to implanted medication or fluid delivery systems, precision and durability are critical to minimize the need for repeated invasive procedures. In these devices, maxon drives with controller and Hall sensors ensure trouble-free running and smooth pump motion. With low-noise and low-vibration operation and low heat emission, these drives are specially designed for medical technology and in many applications are equipped with an additional coating to protect the complex electronics. 

      Positioning devices

      maxon’s fully implantable systems ensure maximum precision in corrective and reconstructive bone surgery. A miniaturized, hermetically sealed high-performance drive, whose rotary motion is converted into the linear motion necessary for traction processes, enables treatment that minimizes pain and the risk of infection. The material is highly biocompatible and meets the strict cleanliness and sterility requirements of all system components.

        Active valves

        We also offer exclusively customized solutions in the area of pump systems, which are developed based on our portfolio of solutions and motors in encapsulated housings. By working closely with the customer, we ensure that all requirements relating to the drive, as well as to testing and documentation, are met.

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          Clean room assembly

          No access for bacteria.

          Tiny drive systems used inside the human body must be built in a clean environment, free from microbiological contamination.   

          For the area of high-tech medicine, especially implantable drive systems, assembly at maxon takes place in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) clean room. In this clean room class, not only the particle concentration, but also the microbiological contamination of surfaces and the air is measured and examined for traces of spores, bacteria, and fungi.   

          Our product recommendations.

          ECX Speed series motors meet the exacting standards of the medical technology industry and are particularly suitable for active implants. They withstand the constantly moist conditions and high salt concentrations inside the human body. 

          ECX SPEED 4


          • ∅4 mm
          • up to 50 000 rpm
          • up to 0.34 mNm

          ECX SPEED 6


          • ∅6 mm
          • up to 100 000 rpm
          • up to 0.42 mNm
          ECX8_HS mit FEP-KABEL

          ECX SPEED 8


          • ∅8 mm
          • up to 50 000 rpm
          • up to 1.26 mNm

          ECX PRIME 6


          • ∅6 mm
          • up to 50 000 rpm
          • up to 0.57 mNm

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          Success stories

          New technologies can minimize medical risks and make treatment and surgery more efficient and less invasive. maxon motors work reliably in high-precision devices.
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          YPU_PRO_handlingmaxon Story

          Reliability is everything

          Medical technology is a key market for maxon. Many of our drives are used in insulin pumps. What exactly do our motors do in these devices? To find out, we went to visit Ypsomed, a leading manufacturer of insulin pumps.
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          Motorized implants: the EC-13 motor

          Some patients with ascites need to undergo regular draining with a needle to remove the excessive amounts of fluid that accumulate in their abdomen. The Swiss company Sequana Medical has found a solution by developing an active implant designed to regulate the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity. maxon’s EC motors, embedded in the devices, ensure the perfect and regular motion of the pump.
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          Template DriveTech 1500x1000 meca au service du diabetemaxon Story

          Mechatronics and the treatment of diabetes.

          Among its areas of expertise, maxon France designs, develops, and manufactures high-performance mechatronic solutions for medical devices (MD). Its custom motorized solutions draw on the latest medical innovations, to offer patients safety, comfort, and independence in the monitoring and treatment of their disease. The goal is always to improve their quality of life. Diabetes treatment is one of the MD sectors that has become increasingly important in recent years, particularly in terms of patient numbers. In light of this, how can mechatronics help to make patients’ lives easier? Read on to find out.
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          Every project needs new ideas.

          Medicine needs cutting edge technology. maxon plays a leading role in this area, working with manufacturers of active implants to tackle previously unsolved problems. We are constantly looking for new ways to develop functional systems that benefit both patients and medical professionals.   

          All of our drive solutions for this area are fully customized: from the initial idea to series production. 

          Frequently asked questions

          • Are there standard maxon drives that can be used for active implants?

            Drives in implants differ significantly in their requirements. Our product solutions are therefore always developed in close collaboration with our customers according to an agreed specification.

          • What basic motor technology is used for implants?

            maxon only uses brushless motors as a drive solution for implantable units. This is done according to a risk-based approach, since miniaturized brushed motors are more prone to faults due to their design.


          Any more questions?

          Our medical expert team will be happy to assist you.