Drive solutions for medical technology

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The pace of advances in medical technology is breathtaking. Tools are becoming smaller and more precise, robots support surgeons during operations, and state-of-the-art prostheses enable natural movements. maxon drives enable new, better technologies that help people all over the world to enjoy a better quality of life.

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    our medical drives can be autoclaved.

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    particles are filtered out of our clean room.

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    times per hour

     the air in our clean rooms is exchanged. 


maxon has SN EN ISO 13485 certification.

We meet all requirements for medical devices. At maxon, we structure our design and manufacturing processes to reduce potential risks to patients to an absolute minimum.

Customized maxon drives can be certified according to SN EN ISO 13485 on request

Traceability of processes and raw materials is ensured

Tested thermoplastics according to SN EN ISO 13100

Project solutions in compliance with MDR (Medical Device Regulation)

Assembly in a clean room environment according to GMP standards and ISO class 8 possible for customized products

Sterilizable drives are tested in autoclaves

Quality management system in accordance with SN EN ISO 9001

Environmental management system in accordance with SN EN ISO 14001

Medical technology

We understand the needs of the medical technology sector.

Few industries have requirements as demanding as those in the medical technology sector. Our medical business unit develops and produces drive systems that meet these requirements for a variety of medical applications – and can also be fully customized.


Minimal vibration

Low heat build-up

High power density with a compact size


Enormous power & energy efficiency


maxon DCX motors feature unrivaled torque density and smooth running. The robust design and ironless maxon rotor make them a dynamic drive for almost all applications. Choose between graphite and precious metal brushes, sintered bearings and ball bearings, and many other configurable components.

  • High torque density
  • Mechanical time constant
  • Multi-pole internal-rotor motor
  • Electrical connection
  • Robust design


The brushless ECX SPEED motor series has been optimized for high speeds of up to 120 000 rpm. Depending on the application, different versions are available: Standard, high power, sterilizable (up to 2000 cycles), mechanical or electrical interface as well as ceramic bearings for very high speed. 

  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Minimal heat build-up
  • No cogging torque
  • Sensor options
  • Easily configured online


High torque density and unrivaled dynamics: With an iron core winding and the multi-pole rotor design, the brushless ECX TORQUE motors guarantee a high torque density. The high build quality guarantees a long service life. 

  • High torque density
  • Mechanical time constant
  • Multi-pole internal-rotor motor
  • Electrical connection
  • Robust design
  • Easily configured online

ECX Prime

The brushless ECX PRIME motors combine high speeds and high torques in a unique motor design. Equipped with high-quality magnet and iron materials, they have an extremely rigid speed-torque characteristic, combined with excellent controller dynamics. 

  • High torques
  • High speeds
  • No cogging torque
  • Integrated sensors
  • High overload capacity

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Every project needs new ideas.

That’s why maxon drives are configurable. Our range includes basic solutions for the medical sector, the components of which are optimally matched and used in a large number of applications. In addition, maxon drives can be configured to adapt to complex or very specific project requirements.

Drive solutions for medical technology

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Get an initial overview of the possible applications in medical technology and learn more about our key product series for devices such as active implants, insulin pumps, surgical robots, power tools, or hand and foot prostheses.

Project management

Successful cooperation needs strong partners.

In our project management, we apply our 60 years of experience to the individual requirements of complex medical applications.  

The experienced engineers and technicians in maxon’s development teams support customers from the specification phase to the start of production and beyond. We guarantee constant transparency, flexibility, and a proactive flow of information.

Our interdisciplinary team of medical experts will be happy to support you with your specific application.

Pilot series
Series production

The maxon team works with customers to develop a comprehensive solution pathway. From research and as many alternative technical implementations as possible, the most efficient and economical variant is weighed up in a short time. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are brushed maxon motors autoclavable?

    No. Our brushed motors are not suitable for the autoclave on account of their design. Specially designated brushless motors are marked as “sterilizable” in the catalog. These drives are designed for the autoclave process at 134 °C +/-4 °C, 100% relative humidity, 2.3 bar pressure, and a cycle time of 18 minutes. They are typically designed for around 1000 cycles. Sterilization procedures based on ETO are possible without restrictions for all catalog products.

  • What is the service life of the motors and gearheads?

    This cannot be answered in general terms and must be tested for each specific application. Temperature, humidity, load, and load cycles, etc. have a significant impact on the service life of the components.

  • What basic motor technology is used for implants?

    maxon only uses brushless motors as a drive solution for implantable units. This is done according to a risk-based approach, since miniaturized brushed motors are more prone to faults due to their design.

  • According to which quality standard are maxon drives certified?

    The basic certification of all catalog products is ISO 9001. For customer-specific applications, ISO 13485 requirements can be implemented by arrangement.


Any more questions?

Our medical expert team will be happy to assist you.