High resolution and precision.

maxon develops and manufactures magnetic, optical, and inductive encoders as well as DC tachometers and resolvers to provide optimal solutions for a variety of applications and different industries.

maxon sensors: Key information at a glance.

maxon encoders, DC tachometers, and resolvers offer precision and a high signal resolution. Sensors can only be acquired as a component of a combination. For resonance reasons, the sensors are mainly mounted on motors with a continuous shaft. The mounting procedure matches the selected motor type and is performed at the supplying factory.

We have structured our series in accordance with key parameters to help you find the appropriate sensor faster.

Product comparison table - Sensors
ENX MAG4 ... 10 mmENX GAMA10 / 13 mmENX QUAD10 mmENX EASY10 / 16 mmENX EASY INT13 ... 22 mmENX EMT22 mmTSX MAGEncoder EASY16 mmEncoder MR8 ... 25 mmENX RIO16 mmEncoder OPT8 mmEncoder Rio16 mmEncoder Enc, AEDL, HED, 22 ... 70 mmEncoder MILE45 ... 90 mm
Action typeMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticMagneticOpticalOpticalOpticalOpticalInductive
Signal typeIncrementalIncrementalIncrementalIncremental / absoluteIncremental / absoluteAbsoluteIncrementalIncremental / absoluteIncrementalIncrementalIncrementalIncrementalIncrementalIncremental
Resolution1 ... 256 cpt12 ... 16 cpt1 cpt1 ... 1024 cpt / 4096 steps1 ... 1024 cpt / 4096 steps65 536 turns2560 cpt128 ... 1024 cpt / 4096 steps16 ... 1014 cpt512 ... 65 536 cpt50 cpt1024 ... 32 768 cpt100 ... 5000 cpt256 ... 6400 cpt
For motor typeDC / ECDCDCDCECDC / ECEC (frameless DT)ECDCDCDCECDC / ECEC (flat)
Integrated in the motorYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNoNoNoNoYes
Size4 ... 10 mm10 / 13 mm10 mm10 / 16 mm13 ... 22 mm22 mmNo16 mm8 ... 25 mm16 mm8 mm16 mm22 ... 70 mm45 ... 90 mm
Additional propertyNoRadiation-resistantNoNoSterilizableMultiturnWithout housing, hollow shaftNoNoNoNoNoNoNo


Magnetic encoders.

In magnetic encoders, a small permanent magnet is mounted on the rotating motor shaft. Sensors in the stator capture the changes in the magnetic flux. The signals are evaluated in the encoder and transmitted to the controller as pulses.  

  • Compact design
  • 2- or 3-channel encoder
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Also available as absolute encoders
  • Also available, for example, as radiation-resistant, sterilizable or magnetoresistive versions
  • Easily configured online


Optical encoders.

In optical encoders, an LED emits light through a finely structured pulse disk or onto a structured reflector (maxon RIO encoders). The receiver, mounted on the motor shaft, converts the light/dark signals into electrical currents that are amplified and turned into electrical pulses by the corresponding electronics.    

  • Digital incremental encoders
  • 2- or 3-channel encoder
  • Optimum resolution
  • Resistant to magnetic interference
  • AEDL encoder attachment: Up to 5000 pulses
  • HEDL and HEDS encoder attachments with RS422 line driver
  • Easily configured online


Inductive encoders.

With inductive maxon MILE encoders, a high-frequency alternating field is transmitted via a transformer and at the same time modulated in an angle-dependent way, using a structured copper disk. They optimally complement maxon EC flat motors.    

  • Integrated in the motor
  • Digital incremental encoders
  • 2-channel encoders
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Resistant to magnetic and electrical interference
  • High speeds possible



The resolver is perfectly aligned with the rotor’s magnetic field. A high-frequency alternating voltage (10 kHz) is transmitted to the rotor via a transformer. During retransformation on two stator coils, the signal is modulated with the sine/cosine of the rotation angle. Using this method, the rotor position of DC motors can be determined precisely. 

  • Robust, for industrial use
  • Long service life
  • No mechanical wear and tear
  • Interference-free signal transmission over long distances
  • No sensitive electronics
  • Special signal evaluation required

DC Tacho

DC tachometers.

For motor-tachometer combinations, maxon offers a shaft-mounted DC tachometer. Suitable for direction detection with analog speed signal.

  • Precious metal brushes: DC voltage output proportional to speed 
  • AlNiCo magnet for high signal stability in the event of temperature fluctuations
  • Without additional tachometer bearing; no added friction torque
  • No couplings, high mechanical resonant frequency

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