Mechatronic drive systems

Tailor-made – from the idea to series production.

maxon develops and manufactures customer-specific, mechatronic drive systems using the highest technical standards – from the idea to series production from a single source.


Precision meets customer focus.

An electric drive is made up of more than the sum of its individual components. Complex mechatronic drive systems only function if all parts are of the highest quality and perfectly matched to each other. Interdisciplinary thinking, specific engineering knowledge, experience, standardized processes, and a clear understanding of the customer requirements are decisive factors.

maxon combines high-quality drive components in a single mechatronic system. 

Everything from a single source: DC/BLDC motor, gearhead, sensor, electronics, software, housing

Customer-specific components

Long service life

Low energy consumption

Excellent control properties

Compact design: Top volume-to-performance ratio

60 years of expertise in drive technology

Technical competence in motion intelligence: Our mechatronics expert team.

maxon has extensive knowledge regarding the perfect interaction of various drive components – and, as a result, of mechatronic drive systems. After all, we have been developing and producing drive components that are among the best in the world for decades. 

As system experts, we are a competent project partner in finding and implementing the best solutions for complex drive issues. Due to technical specifications, we are in constant contact with our customers during the early development stages. 

In addition, we offer support by reviewing and revising intelligent multi-functional modules, mechatronic multi-axis actuators, and motorized systems on the basis of standard components.

Door Drive

For more comfort and safety.

Together with a Swiss elevator manufacturer, maxon developed a system solution for driving elevator doors. The system consists of a brushless DC motor with a diameter of 90 millimeters and a MILE encoder integrated directly on the print. It is combined with a customer-specific positioning controller based on the maxon EPOS2 series.

To meet the requirements of various types of elevators and the different international safety standards, the controller of the maxon Door Drive offers the following benefits:

  • Detects size and weight of the doors after a calibration procedure
  • Autonomously calculates and corrects the optimal parameters 
  • Configured and ready to use in just a few steps
  • Sufficient torque to move doors smoothly
  • Collects data for technicians due to the intelligent controller 

Exoskeleton Drive

For a better quality of life.

Emulating the human gait with mechatronic systems is an enormous engineering challenge. An exoskeleton must be lightweight, compact, powerful, reliable, and easy to use. Drive systems must deliver high torques. At the same time, a highly dynamic response is required. 

For this reason, the Exoskeleton Drive from maxon does not waste a single inch of space. A brushless flat motor with encoder has been combined with a three-stage planetary gearhead and an EPOS4 positioning controller.

  • Compact and light design
  • High torque and acceleration
  • Low energy consumption
  • Motors connected via EPOS4 EtherCAT driver
  • Ideal for knee and hip joints
  • Wearers have full control of their movements 

Pump Drive

For clean air.

Together with a manufacturer of diesel engines, we have developed a drive system consisting of a customer-specific brushless flat motor plus electronics. This system solution accurately regulates the urea supply for treatment of diesel exhaust gas, which triggers a chemical reaction that breaks down toxic nitrogen compounds. A speed controller (closed loop), matched to the application, with an inner current control loop communicates via an interface with the superior control device. This ensures compliance with the latest exhaust gas standards. The system is primarily used in trucks and is an important contribution from maxon to improve the global climate.

  • Intelligent pressure monitoring using a patented algorithm
  • Can be matched to the final application at the customer’s production facility
  • Cost optimized and designed for the production of large quantities

Sterilizable Drive

For precision in medical technology.

This sterilizable drive unit consists of a brushless motor with a robust stainless steel housing and cable connection. The motor is controlled by a separate control unit. This is where high-precision sensorless control (HPSC) is used, an extremely sophisticated method developed by maxon for the sensorless commutation of brushless motors. 
At standstill and at low speeds, the magnetic anisotropy-based control technology is used first. 

  • Highest level of precision, speed, and ease of use
  • Ergonomic properties: Tool is comfortable to hold 
  • Tailor-made, customer-specific firmware
  • Field-oriented control ensures higher efficiency
  • Low heat build-up
  • Low vibration and noise level

Plug-and-Play Drive

For plug-and-play motor solutions.

Based on standard components, our optimized solution ensures that technical applications can perform optimum movements. maxon quickly responds to requirements – starting with simple modified standard parts all the way through to specialized products. The drive is shipped fully assembled, including all necessary cables and is ready to use.

  • Cost-optimized fast solution based on standard components
  • Can be tailored to specifications
  • Fast development times and cost savings due to plug-and-play solution

Gear Drive

For challenging environments.

This drive motor is ideally suited to applications in aerospace or as a low-noise drive motor for the medical industry. The tailored combination of components results in resistance to extreme conditions.

We offer specific assembly solutions for linear actuators to expand the boundaries for challenging environments, demanding applications with regard to speed and weight, or the use of cutting-edge technologies. 

  • Wide range of seals, IP54 to IP66 
  • Corrosion resistance 
  • Temperature resistance from -40°C to +85°C
  • Resistance to vibration/shocks
  • Biocompatibility of materials


For an invisible e-bike drive.

Our e-bike drive unit is fully integrated into the down tube. It consists of an efficient brushless maxon EC internal-rotor motor and a low-noise performance planetary gearhead. The electronics and sensors ensure sensitive support in all riding situations. The patented, innovative freewheel has no noticeable resistance – both when backpedaling as well as when riding without electrical support. A battery, also integrated in the down tube, a HMI on the top tube, as well as apps for dealers and cyclists are included with the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR  e-bike system. 

  • 1.9 kg in weight
  • Max. torque: 40 Nm
  • Max. supported cadence: 115 rpm
  • For down tube designs with diameters starting at 60 mm
  • Q-Factor starting at 155 mm
  • Max. speed: 25 km/h or 20 mph
  • Compact and quiet


Compact connectivity.

Mechatronic excellence, with each component optimized for maximum space savings. This system required the development of a special gearhead and screw-nut system. The electronics are specifically aligned with the miniaturization. The latest plastronics technologies were used to integrate the electronic circuits directly into the structure of the housing

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We love challenges.

Mars rovers. Insulin pumps. Industrial robots. Formula One racing cars. Bicycles. maxon drive systems are already proving their power and precision in thousands of applications. We support you from the start of your project by discussing ideas, defining specific requirements, and with everything relating to prototype and series production.

Let’s talk about your challenges. 

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